UK Accreditation

UK Language School Accreditation

ABLS provides UKVI-approved quality assurance to language schools across the UK and the Channel Islands. Our simple inspection process starts with a meeting with our Chief Inspector to help us understand your business and advise you on the requirements of the ABLS Standard. It’s the start of your journey toward excellence in our key assessment areas:

  • Corporate Responsibilities
  • Management & Administration
  • Academic Management
  • Classroom Management & Teaching Materials
  • Student Welfare
  • Junior Welfare

Accreditation of Accommodation Providers

Organisations offering student accommodation for the ELT market can apply for inspection of their quality standards.

Our carefully designed inspection criteria allow successful agencies to demonstrate their excellence to the market and align with the standards of ABLS-accredited language schools.

Contact us to learn more about the criteria and set up your call with the inspectorate.

School Consultancy

ABLS offers a range of consultancy services available to organisations around the world.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you develop your language services.