Information for agents

UKVI approved

ABLS Accreditation is approved by the UKVI for the purpose of accrediting private education providers.

Why choose an ABLS accredited centre?

Most schools that contact agents will be accredited by one of the four UKVI approved bodies. But how can an agent be sure that standards are maintained and choose the right school?  Our schools have not only undergone a rigorous and thorough inspection leading to a report on the organisation’s services and facilities but also, as we have a manageable number of schools, we are able to keep in close contact with the owners and can effectively  monitor service delivery.

Short Term Study Visas

All ABLS accredited schools can accept students through this visa route. Please note that there is no restriction with regard to language level for students wishing to obtain a Short Term Study Visa. Visas are issued for courses up to 6 months and also, since January 2011, students may apply for an extended student visitor visa for courses up to 11 months.  In all cases the extended Short Term Study Visa must be applied for through an embassy or visa issuing office.


A school does NOT need to be a highly trusted sponsor and be listed on the HTS Register  in order to accept your client on a  Short Term Study Visa.

If you have any query regarding this please e-mail