ABLS Accreditation

ABLS Accreditation

Giving you the credit you dserve.

ABLS Accreditation recognises that English is taught in a wide variety of contexts and has therefore always supported diversity and choice.

All providers of private and independently run English language services have equal access to our external quality assurance system which is both rigorous and fair.

Established in 1993, we believe that all students, in whichever way they study English, should be guaranteed a safe and effective learning environment.

Through our inspections we ensure that high standards of teaching and safeguarding, as well as the requisite levels of additional and necessary support, are provided for the benefit and well-being of students.

ABLS Accreditation is approved by the UKVI for the purpose of accrediting private education providers recruiting visa students to the United Kingdom.  

It is an independent limited company which undertakes initial and repeat inspections to ensure that stringent quality assurance criteria and UK legal requirements are adhered to.


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