Learn about ABLS

Our accreditation

ABLS is approved by the UK Government as an accreditor of UK language schools that wish to accept students on short-term study visas. For more information about short-term visas, visit Gov.uk website.

Our ethos

ABLS believes that every school should aspire to deliver an excellent course to all students. Our team understand that schools come in every shape and size. As an organisation we are committed to working with schools, not only those operating year round, but also seasonal centres, to help them to achieve and maintain excellence by applying our criteria to their particular circumstances.

Our history

Since 1993, ABLS has offered quality assurance services to UK schools. We’ve worked with many organisations, helping them to improve the learning and cultural experiences of thousands of students.

Every year, we travel to agent conferences and alliance meetings to raise the profile of our accredited schools and maintain our expert understanding of the global ELT market. As a long-term member of GAELA – the Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations – we enjoy a global reach and regularly connect with colleagues from around the world.

In 2011, we founded QALEN along with leading quality assurance agencies in the main English language markets. This global network in quality assurance for ELT aligns well with our ongoing commitment to improving standards across the industry.

Our inspectorate

To ensure a high standard of quality assurance, we engage only the mostly highly qualified and experienced ELT professionals. Our inspectorate team includes experience from private language school management, public school settings and college and university provision. All our inspectors are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality and are retrained and assessed on a regular basis.

Our governance

ABLS is a UK-based company limited by guarantee. The organisation is overseen by a Management Committee that includes the company directors and non-executive directors. ABLS is run by the Chief Executive who oversees company strategy and daily operations.